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If you are looking forward to outsourcing some or all of your classroom training courses & assessments for your organisation or project this is most certainly something we can help you with !

This is exactly what we have been doing recently for Transport for London for their Elizabeth Line Overhead Line & Distribution specialist personnel. If we can do it for them we can do it for you. This is how the process usually works:-

We carefully evaluate your needs

We discuss the various options for your organisation or project, assess your needs in depth when we meet with you and we then prepare a no-strings training offering to cover for both the design of the courses tailored to your requirements and their delivery by our qualified trainers and assessors at a location and according to a programme for delivery that suits you.

Classroom sessions and assessment

Every classroom course is completed by an examination to confirm the relevant individual has reached the required standard of training. Depending on your needs and the subject matter being taught, courses can take from a couple of hours only to several days for the individual to reach the required level of competence.

Mentoring – key for success

In line with industry standards each successful candidate should then be observed on the job through the assistance and advice of another competent individual in a mentoring capacity that you or we can provide before they can be authorised. Then at regular intervals the level of competence would be re-assessed/re-evaluated in order for the competency to be maintained throughout the duration of your project or the individual’s assignment whichever comes first.


Once an individual has spent enough time being mentored ‘on the tools’ in the field, in the role and duties that are eventually expected of them, 3ECO can them assist you with formally assessing the candidates so they can be authorised on your system or network. The assessment usually consists of a thorough review of the candidate portfolio of evidence, a formal Q&A interview to verify the candidate’s knowledge and a ‘real life’ scenario to be implemented to ensure the individual concerned is comfortable in the role and displays the correct behaviours expected from them, including in having acquired the relevant non-technical skills.

Training Management Assistance

We recommend that you organise your programme of work in trying to comply with the approach described above in order to ensure that you always and continuously rely on fully competent and authorised staff before they are put to work. We can also assist you with managing the delivery of the training programme according to your other project or organisation constraints would the need arises.

If you are interested in discussing a possible training & assessment collaboration for your organisation or project as detailed above please feel free to contact us using the ‘Contact’ section of our website where you can easily complete a short form for our attention.

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