Distance e-Learning Training Courses

online training

3ECO has been spending time developing a whole suite of affordable Distance e-Learning training courses that will eventually be distributed securely via an Online e-learning platform.

We recognise the value of such an offering given the immense progress that has already been made in the development of online e-learning platforms. One can securely rely on an infinite set of options available through videos, augmented and virtual reality solutions that are already being implemented in some sectors of our industry. More importantly maybe not everyone is able to spend time off work to attend a classroom training course that often attracts accommodation, travel and meal costs on top of the course’s fee itself.

With 3ECO’s Distance e-Learning training courses programme one can avoid these additional expenses altogether and go through the courses at one’s own pace from the comfort of one’s own home. Still, like any other candidate attending a classroom training course, you will be provided with the relevant support to all of your questions throughout the course’s duration and work towards your certification.

Depending on the Distance e-Learning training course category you decide to buy you could also rely on additional support via Skype/MS Teams Q&A sessions in addition to emails and chat.

3ECO also provide specialist resources to its clients, not least Rail for London and Hitachi Rail STS to name but a few. We train our own people and as a result we know what training you actually need that you could transpose immediately into practical applications the field. We are taking the time to prepare high quality training materials with a view to bring such an offering to the market in a not too distant future. We are committed to ensure such a proposition will have all the characteristics of a high quality 3ECO classroom experience at a fraction of the cost. As soon as we have finalised our course curriculum we will post the details here.

In the meantime we encourage you to read our Blog regularly and to subscribe to our LinkedIn company page for the latest news and updates ! If online training is something that is of interest to you and you would like get more detailed information about this future programme please feel free to leave us a comment below.