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We at 3ECO have been developing a range of specialist railway and electrical training course products for many years with great success. Some of those courses are typical standard courses which can be readily implemented whilst some have been designed and tailored specifically to suit the training needs of some of our customers. These have mostly been delivered on large scale electrical and railway projects such as HS1 and the East London Line and were still being delivered until very recently on the on-going Crossrail Project.

Our courses cover a large range of subjects particularly the LV and HV electrical awareness ones. More in-depth courses are also available and continue to be used daily in order to maintain the certification of qualified electrical personnel such as but not limited to, Authorised Persons, Senior Authorised Persons, Control Engineers and Competent Persons.

3ECO prides itself in being able to create and deliver courses as well as authorise and independently verify such courses to allow for formal authorisation of its personnel in order to be able to carry out their job in a legal and safe environment and to the required standard.

In addition, 3ECO ability to design and manage bespoke Safety Rules, procedures and temporary operations Rule Books for a particular project makes its training proposition even more robust and totally consistent when sold as a package.

Our skills and our experience are well recognised within the industry. 3ECO personnel have achieved some very significant results in those key domains over the last few years helping clients run large and complex day-to-day railway and electrical operations safely and as effectively as possible.

Please note that 3ECO employs A1 Assessors, the qualification necessary in the United Kingdom to become a National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Assessor. Our professionals train and then assess people who are working towards their NVQ.

miniature substations training
Miniature substations training

We are providing courses that are endorsed by NOCN . Those engaged on electrical and/or railway projects that would like to outsource their training requirements in a safe and effective manner will soon be able to make an informed choice with all the reassurance of an industry recognised accredited body coming in addition to 3ECO established reputation.

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