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We recently announced that following successful bidding 3ECO had been awarded a new contract direct with Rail for London (Infrastructure) Limited to deliver new training services relating to the OLE & Distribution Isolation Training Development and its implementation.

Responsibilities for these training services include the complete design and delivery of both classroom training and practical assessments specifically for the attention of the maintenance personnel of the future Elizabeth Line in readiness for Trial Operations and handover to RFLI that is currently scheduled for the summer of 2020, worldwide coronavirus pandemic permitting that is.

The preparation phase of the works started at the end of 2019 following contract award and are currently progressing well with the production of all the Lessons/Training Plans. Thanks to a very good and fruitful collaboration with our RFLI colleagues 3ECO has now been able to deliver the first of five complete classroom training courses.

3ECO submitted this course recently and it is currently under review by RFLI, albeit remotely due to the COVID-19 shutdown enforced in most of the world.

As far as we are concerned we are lucky as a business to be able to continue to progress with the rest of the training courses and their associated assessment documentation whilst working from home. We are grateful as we are conscious of the fact that this is not possible or easy for other businesses during this difficult time.

Testing & Earthing classroom course (extract)


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