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3ECO Training Courses Solutions

3ECO training experts have been developing Railway & Electrical Operational Training courses materials for many years now, both to support individuals’ career development in covering a whole range of certifications that are required for working within the railway and electrical industries as well as in support to large clients in tailoring each relevant course contents to their expectations and their own Safety Rules & Policies.

From Rail or Train Movement Controllers (RMC/TMC), Senior RMC/TMC Test Track Managers to Authorised Engineers training, Authorised Persons (LVAP), Senior Authorised Persons training (HV), Electrical Control Engineers (LV & HV) and Competent Persons training to mention but just a few, 3ECO’s Railway & Electrical training offering is very comprehensive and up-to-date with industry requirements thus making our packages a highly credible and valuable option to potential customers who are looking forward to training their specialised staff or to training themselves as individuals.

Training Courses for Businesses

We have a significant and relevant experience of designing and delivering specially tailored training courses with large clients such as, but not limited to, Transport for London and Hitachi Rail STS. These major assignments confirm the credibility and competitiveness of our training packages as well as our ability to develop bespoke solutions that meet our client’s expectations.

Our Steve Sullivan delivering the Track Safety Awareness Course in the classroom environment (Crossrail Project)

These contracts include the development of bespoke electrical High Voltage and OHLE Senior Authorised Person/Nominated Person courses, Low Voltage Authorised Person and Competent Person courses to name but just a few. On the railway operations front we have developed and delivered bespoke battery loco driving, rail depot operator training and Track Safety Awareness courses too.

Recently a bespoke version of the Track Safety Awareness course has been developed specifically for the Glasgow Subway Project.

We are being approached on a regular basis by business representatives who are interested in our training services. We help them by adapting our training solutions to their specific needs.

Training Courses for Individuals

3ECO is offering a whole suite of off-the-shelves training courses designed specifically for individuals.

We believe in affordable courses, still providing candidates with a highly professional content that will bring great value to them. In particular, as 3ECO is also providing railway operations, electrical isolation and maintenance services in the field 24/24h and 365 days a year, our training is based on real tangible feedback from our own personnel who are constantly confronted with the reality of delivering the works on site and, as a result, our courses are very practical and immediately applicable.

3ECO training courses for individuals will become available from around the second quarter of 2023. We will deliver the training face-to-face in East London where we can rely on world class training premises. Anyone interested in obtaining more information about our training offering before it is available to buy online can Contact us via the homepage contact form.

NOCN Endorsement

All our training courses for individuals are endorsed by the NOCN Group which is an important step for us to ensure we can continue to offer ever more quality content and provide solid reassurances to our customers, both existing and prospective ones, that they are making a sensible and completely secure choice in working with 3ECO to fulfil their training needs.

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To better understand our training course offering, from Railway Operations to Electrical Operations, please have a look at our dedicated training courses page.