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TCOMET Ltd and 3ECO Ltd have entered into a formal partnering agreement to support each other and work together to deliver large projects in the UK.

Both companies have their own separate domain of expertise but have great synergies.

TCOMET, who is part of a larger group of companies, is an expert in underground telecommunication systems and work all over the world, with existing projects notably in Spain, South America and Norway.

In the United Kingdom, Tcomet is delivering the underground telecommunications services package to HS2 Tier 1 Contractor, ALIGN JV.

TCOMET website can be reached at TCOMET – Experts in underground enviroments

3ECO is a Railway and Electrical Operational Safety specialist consultant providing services to small and large organisations.

In particular, 3ECO is delivering key services to Hitachi Rail STS on the Glasgow Subway Project and to Rail for London Infrastructure on the future Elizabeth Line railway (Crossrail) to name but just the larger clients.

3ECO’s website can be reached at