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Back in 2011 we had just completed the testing & commissioning of the East London Line – Phase 1A extension at Kingsland Traction Sub-Station with our railway electrification partners, A&M Electricals several months in advance.

We had been shortlisted for Phase 1A following the very successful delivery of the main East London Line project between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction back in 2010. We delivered the ELL – Phase 1A on behalf of Balfour Beatty Engineering Services for Rail for London.

At the time we had also started to get involved with the basic design preparatory stages of the largest of all European civil engineering projects, Crossrail.

Then we got a call from the Skanska-VolkerRail Joint Venture. The JV was in charge of delivering the DLR Line 6 project at the time. It involved the construction and commissioning of a DLR line extension including the Stratford International Station located in the heart of the London 2012 Olympic Park.

DLR6 - Stratford

They were struggling to get their rail systems testing and commissioning off the ground. We accepted the challenge and supported them during this critical phase of the works up to and including handover to Rail for London.

We helped reorganise the Assurance framework to include Power & Telecoms, the most problematic packages at the time that had suffered from severe design issues in the early stages of the project.

For the Power element which comprised traction sub-stations we decided to partner with A&M Electricals once again. Together we supported VolkerMatrix SAP/AP personnel during the commissioning and energisation phases and carried out 3rd Rail short-circuits successfully in very cold conditions as shown in the video below !

DLR6 – Short Circuit Testing / October 2011

We are very proud to have supported SVRJV at a critical time in the project in readiness for the London 2012 Olympics.

DLR6 Substation
DLR6 Sub-Station
Alan Smiles Sr
Alan Smiles Sr – A&M Electricals

“Frederic headed up the DLR6 Commissioning Team during the most challenging phases of the project. He put in place the assurance framework for the final stages of the project and was instrumental in collating the evidence to allow the extension to be opened. Frederic is a true professional and has a great work ethic. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any challenging railway commissioning project or programme.”

Erik Twigt – SVRJV