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3ECO Ltd is in charge of work coordination, planning, rail and electrical operations for hitachi rail sts in glasgow.

Railway Operations Service

3ECO staff is in charge of the safe preparation of the test tracks 1 & 2 loacted in the Non-Operationa Area of the Glasgow Subway.

Our works includes point operations and sweep runs, in order to ensure the test tracks can be handed over safely to the testing and commissioning teams of Hitachi Rail STS and Stadler.

Train movements

Clayton Battery Loco Driving

We are in charge of operating the Clayton battery locomotives in order to shunt the new rolling stock test trains in position within the test track, in readiness for dynamic testing operations.

650 Volts D.C. Switching and Isolations

Electrical Operations Services

We are in charge of operating the D.C Circuit Breaker for Test Tracks 1 & 2 to deliver traction power to the new rolling stock test trains.

We are also in charge of organising and implementing D.C. isolations of the local 3rd rail system to allow certain works to proceed ‘on or near the rail’ under a permit to work system.

Works Coordination

We are in charge of gathering work requests from all the various stakeholders and to establish a Work Authorisation Document Notice or WAD Notice.

The published WAD shows all authorised planned works which allows each working party to have safe work windows for access. This permits optimised and effective coordination of all the works.

Temporary Telecommunications

With its UK business partner, TCOMET, 3ECO is providing construction radios for the Non-Operational Area (NOA) of the project. This equipment is allowing the recording of safety critical communications as well as group calling and offers an endless selection of dedicated channels for use by different departments when operating within the NOA.

Safe System of Works

On the basis of the WAD approved works, our Authorised Person issue the relevant Safety Documents to the client’s Competent Persons such as, but not limited to, Permit to Work and Energisation Certificates.