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Dalston Junction station to Highbury & Islington

Back in 2010-2011 we completed the testing & commissioning of the East London Line – Phase 1A extension at Kingsland Traction Sub-Station with our railway electrification partners, A&M Electricals several months in advance. We were responsible for the whole T&C management as the Power Supply Delivery Team and they supported us specifically with the HV and DC elements of the scope of works as highlighted below:-


We were shortlisted for Phase 1A following the very successful delivery of the main East London Line project between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction back in 2010. We delivered the ELL – Phase 1A on behalf of Balfour Beatty Engineering Services for Rail for London.

We had to manage two types of interfaces. ‘Direct Interfaces’:-

  • Network Rail – North London Line connection at Highbury
  • Network Rail – ECR
  • East London Line Phase 1 at Dalston Station
  • East London Line Phase 1A IRL/BML/RFL

And ‘Proximity Interfaces’ with Network Rail due to the North London Line adjacent railway.

We carried out the following pre-commissioning and commissioning works:-

  • Dalston Feeders, Pilot and DC Track Breakers
  • 33kV Switchboard
  • 33kV HV Panel Board to Aux Transformers, LVAC and Domestic Board
  • 33kV |HV Panel Board to Transformer Rectifiers / Rectifiers/ DC Switchgear
  • Earthing tests from Mats to Switchgear.
  • All DC Switchgear, Battery Charger, 17th Ed tests to supply points of the AC mod Fuse board, DC Module Fuse board, Dalston Drainage Pumps, Dalston Covered Lighting Board.
  • MITS Between Kingsland Dalston TSS and Dalston TPH
  • MITS Between Kingsland Dalston TSS and Highbury TSS
  • Cables to track , Short Circuit Testing of DC breakers
  • Section Proving of the line between Dalston Station north side and Highbury south side
  • The complete electrical Operational Safety and Assurance package
East London Line Map
Kingsland TSS – Outside view
Kingsland TSS
Kingsland TSS – Inside view
Transformer TSS
Alan Smiles Sr
Alan Smiles Sr – A&M Electricals

Kingsland Road – Traction Sub-Stations short videos during construction & commissioning