Crossrail Project 2010-2020

Early stages of the Crossrail project

3ECO personnel worked for many years on the Crossrail Project until 2020, some of them from as early as 2010 initially for the Project Delivery Partner at the time of the FDA (Framework Design Agreement) that developed the main design baseline to which Crossrail has been constructed and is being tested against.

So how did we get involved ?

Progressively as the works moved from Design to Procurement, Installation and Testing & Commissioning personnel that would later form part of the core team at 3ECO were appointed to a number of key positions within the rail systems delivery contractors e.g. ALSTOM-TSO-COSTAIN Joint Venture.

We led and supported the delivery of a number of highly strategic packages of works under such as, but not limited to:-

  • Developing the Construction & Commissioning Railway Rule Book (CCRRB) in 2015 and managing to successfully obtain a ROGS exemption from the ORR for Dynamic Testing in 2017;
  • Providing train movement logistics during construction (Engineer’s Trains) and commissioning (Test Train);
  • Producing the Main Works Contractor Electrical Safety Rules in 2015 to cover for both Temporary and Permanent Low Voltage, Traction Power, OLE and Non-Traction High Voltage;
  • Designing the Work Authorisation Document (WAD) that harmonised the safe delivery of Electrical Permits to Work across the whole of the Crossrail Central Section Project;
  • Maintaining the temporary (T) and permanent (P) networks and its inherent Safe System of Work from 1st energisation in 2015 (T) to 2018 (P);
  • Developing and delivering consistent Electrical Training and Assessments for the Project’ Competent Persons, Authorised Persons, Senior Authorised Persons and Electrical Controllers (2015-2020);
  • Managing key rail systems testing & commissioning activities between 2015 and 2018, in particular the Non-Traction HV, 25kV Traction, Track, OHLE, M&E and Tunnel Ventilation.
  • Covering the Electrical Control Operator desk 24/7

Let’s sum it up !

The specialist services we delivered during the Crossrail project are a great illustration of the kind of wide support we are able to provide our clients with, starting early with bid technical & specialist support, Railway Operations during construction and commissioning to all extent of Electrical Operations and Rail Systems Testing & Commissioning Management.

This very large and extremely complex project environment provided our personnel with the perfect opportunity to work extensively together as a team and to deliver an impressive list of significant achievements we are all very proud of to this day despite the project having suffered delays for a number of reasons.

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