Railway Operational Safety


The term ‘Railway Operational Safety’ is quite vast. We at 3ECO are essentially involved with the operational control of train movements falling outside of the ROGS legislation during the construction and the commissioning phases of rail projects e.g. well before the line is opened to the public.

How we can help you

We are able to offer to our clients the preparation and design of construction and commissioning railway operating rules together with its many operational procedures, the management of ROGS exemption applications directly with the Office of Rail & Road (ORR) as well as the operational day-to-day management of both Engineer’s Trains operations and Test Trains operations as a complete railway operation package.

Points Operations on one of the two Test Tracks of the Non-Operational Area of the Glasgow Subway

We have a significant experience in the field

Our experience with rail operations stretches back from London Underground TransPlant Jubilee Line Engineer’s Trains to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link construction and test trains, the East London Line construction and test trains, the Nottingham Tramway NET2, the Crossrail construction and test trains and the Birmingham Tramway project to name but a few.

Case Study – Glasgow Subway Project

One of our most recent project is our Railway Operations and Electrical Safety support for Hitachi Rail STS on the Glasgow Subway Project where we are responsible for the day to day planning management and rail operations on the two test track lines of the Non-Operational Area or NOA. The NOA connects to the Glasgow Subway Operational Area, or OA.

3ECO is involved in the rail operations management at the interface between the NOA and the OA, developing specific Operational Safety Procedures (OSP) to facilitate the transit and testing of new rolling stock test trains across the interface, and providing competent and trained specialist resources.

3ECO personnel have accumulated quite a significant experience in the field of railway operations throughout the last two decades. For each of these projects we provided some or all of the management element involved with train operations as follows:-

  • the provision of specialist personnel referred to as Rail Movement Controllers or Train Movement Controllers;
  • the provision of Test Track Managers personnel for test train operations during the commissioning phases;
  • the whole preparation and obtention of the relevant ROGS exemptions;
  • the design and implementation of the Construction and Commissioning Railway Rule Book (CCRRB) and all its associated operational procedures;
  • the design and delivery of the training element of the CCRRB
Clayton Battery Loco driving by 3ECO TCO-DO personnel (Test Tracks – Glasgow Subway Project)

If you are interested in our Railway Operational Safety capabilities as briefly mentioned above and if you want to better understand what experience we have on the matter and how we can help you please feel free to contact us.