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As per the Modern Slavery Act 2015, commercial organisations that conduct business or are part of a business in the UK, supply goods or services and have an annual turnover equal to or above £36m are required under section 54 of the Act to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement.

Our commitment to tackling modern slavery

Our organisation main business goal in the year 2024 is to deliver highly skilled railway and electrical specialist services to the industry as well as bespoke training services and solutions to our clients, in the UK and abroad.

We are committed to understanding modern slavery risks;


ensuring that there is no modern slavery in our own business and supply chains.

Our organisational structure and that of our supply chains

We have a number of suppliers and may work with subcontractors from time to time, to cope with changes in our delivery programme or a temporary increase in our scope of works.

We principally operate in the UK where our base operations are located. In 2024 we do not have any dealings with those suppliers or subcontractors that would be located in countries that are high risk in relation to modern slavery

In addition none of our supply chains have particular activities that are high risk either.

Responsibilities for anti-slavery initiatives

The board of Directors is responsible for the employer’s anti-slavery initiatives.

It ensures the implementation of policies, risk assessments, investigations, due diligence and training remain compliant at all times with our obligations towards modern slavery.

Other policies

We produce procedures and company’s policies that take into consideration the identification of modern slavery risks and the prevention of such risks.

Supply chain due diligence

Due to the very low risks arena within which our existing supply chain operates, whether because of their activities, their location or both we did not carry out a further suppliers due diligence in 2024, however we will do so when considering taking on new suppliers.

Would issues arise in reviewing existing suppliers in future we will take steps against those suppliers that do not meet the required standard, first by asking them to take action to improve or if necessary by terminating the business relationship if the required improvements are not forthcoming.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Due to the low volume of subcontractors and supply chain we employ and their very low risk with regards modern slavery, no particular key performance indicators (KPIs) have been set in 2024.

However in future we will endeavour for:-

  • familiarising more of our staff on modern slavery risks and our existing initiatives; and
  • making the system for supply chain verification more automatic irrespective of the level of risks involved;

Staff familiarisation on anti-slavery measures

The Board of Directors currently ensures that any staff directly involved with our supply chains have received relevant and sufficient information on the implementation and obligations of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our company policies are being reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they encompass the relevant aspects of modern slavery risks,

Awareness-raising programmes

Due to the small size of the company in 2024 we do not intend to distribute flyers, put up posters or circulate emails on the subject.

This policy will be revisited by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.