About Us

3ECO Ltd is the brainchild of three experienced engineers that come from a variety of technical backgrounds. From rail systems testing & commissioning, rolling stock and rail systems maintenance, to railway and electrical operations safety and specialist training.

Drawing upon decades of combined experience and a proven track record from our involvement in notable projects within the railway and electrical sectors, we have joined forces to create 3ECO—a comprehensive solution designed to streamline access to our expertise, guidance, and wealth of experience for you, our prospective clients.

From its inception, 3ECO garnered support from our network of friends and esteemed colleagues, underscoring the inherent value of our business proposition to customers like yourself. Those who embraced our vision early on found themselves reaping the rewards of our collaborative endeavour. Through their trust and partnership, 3ECO has forged a path of success, with many stories now woven into its history.

Jim Whittington

Jim Whittington

Jim’s profile
3ECO Railway Operations Department

Jim Whittington is our Railway Operations Director and has over 52 years’ experience in:-

  •  Railway Operations for Engineer’s and Test Trains;
  •  Rolling stock Engineering and Maintenance;
  •  Infrastructure Renewal, Repair and Maintenance;
  •  Logistics and Planning;
  •  Specialist Training Management;
  • Testing and Commissioning.

In particular Jim has a very high level of experience in:-

  • the production of Operating Rules for the Construction, Testing and Commissioning and Fully Operational phases of the Railway;
  • the production of standards, Operational safety plans, method statements, possession plans and railway access arrangements;
  • working with the Office of the Rail and Road to obtain license and ROGS exemptions for the provision of dynamic testing of the railway and managing the clients operational testing;
  • organising large scale and bespoke training programmes.

Jim’s most recent projects include the East London Line, the Nottingham Tramway, Crossrail and the Birmingham Tramway.

Chris Denton

Chris Denton

Chris’ profile
3ECO Electrical Operations Department

Chris Denton is our Electrical Operations Director. As an Incorporated Engineer Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Chris brings massive experience in Low and High Voltage Operational Safety operations and Safety Rules design having worked on wind farms projects as well as key railway projects such as the Nottingham Tram, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link for EDFe, powering the 25kV high speed Overhead Catenary System and Crossrail with 25kV and 11kV, 22kV substations to operate, control and maintain 24/7.

Chris is also a fully accredited trainer that is licenced to deliver courses including, but not limited to, LV and HV Authorised Persons, Competent Persons and Control Engineers. He has himself performed the demanding duties of Power Supply Manager and Authorising Engineer, writing and ensuring the implementation of the various Electrical Safety Rules on several notable projects including his latest assignement with Crossrail.

Frederic Sancho
Frederic’s profile
3ECO Marketing & Finance Department

Frederic Sancho is our Marketing & Finance Director. Frederic started his career in France with the French Railway (SNCF) in 1999 and settled in the UK when he joined the Channel Tunnel Rail Link in 2002 where he took on the role of Testing and Commissioning Manager of the Section 2 project for the Alstom-Carillion-TSO Joint Venture until successful completion of the project in June 2007 with the arrival of the first Eurostar test train at St Pancras international station.

Frederic brings a lot of experience in managing the testing and commissioning of major projects. As Testing and Commissioning Manager he worked on the CTRL Section 2 – Contract C576 project then moved to the East London Line Phases 1 and 1A followed by the Stratford International DLR6 line which opened to the public in time for the London 2012 Olympics. He joined Crossrail Ltd in 2010 to support the tendering process for major Design & Build contracts and was later offered the position of Testing & Commissioning Manager for the Alstom-TSO-Costain Joint Venture for supervising contracts C610, C644 and C650 until March 2018, subsequently to which 3ECO was established.

We hope our story and what we can put before you will make an attractive and valuable proposition in today’s very competitive market. To that end we invite you to browse our website and to complete our straightforward contact form as a way to start the conversation about how we could collaborate and/or work together in future. We look forward to meeting you !