Electrical Operations Training Courses

This course is an entry level course providing candidates with an understanding of the principles for accessing High Voltage premises safely and effectively.

The course covers the following:-

  • Legislation;
  • Persons;
  • Plant & Apparatus overview;
  • Hazards;
  • Access and Egress; Safety Documentation.

This course  will enable candidates to gain the knowledge required to carry out Authorised Person duties and responsibilities in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

The course covers the following:-

  • Safety Rules;
  • Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Plant & Apparatus;
  • Switching;
  • Isolation;
  • Earthing; Safety Documentation for HV Testing.

This course provides knowledge relative to the technical aspects of high voltage electrical equipment and systems. It outlines best practices and safe working procedures to prevent danger and to comply with current UK legislation.

The course covers the following:-

  • Safety Rules;
  • Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Writing and Approving Switching Schedules;
  • Issue and Cancellation of Safety Documents;
  • Cross Boundary Isolations.

This course is designed for electrical personnel who are responsible for identification and/or spiking to prove HV electrical power cables dead.

The course covers the following:-

  • Understand how to Locate and Identify a cable;
  • Application and use of a spiking gun;
  • Carry out safe isolation and earthing of a circuit;
  • Safety Documentation;
  • Application and use of various items of test equipment.

Spiking Gun