3ECO e-Learning Course Curriculum

Our suite of e-Learning courses are in the process of being developed and adapted for delivery via one of the secure existing Learning Management System (LMS) that are available on the market. This is taking place at pace as we want to make sure we incorporate the lessons we are learning continuously from our classroom training courses with a view to provide you with the best possible quality content available on the market.

LMS offering

There is fierce competition out there in the field of online training with so many e-Learning courses you can choose from. There are some very good quality products you can already buy for sure. However we have reasons to believe that most of those products lack some form of personalisation and almost none would provide you with an in-depth knowledge the like we intend to provide you with at 3ECO.

One aspect of our e-Learning course development is to ensure we make the right decisions for our choice of LMS that will support our courses for the foreseeable future. Another aspect is in choosing what tools we believe are best suited to provide you with the right kind of experiences so you can feel part of the classroom environment in the comfort of your own home.

A number of options do exist. From proven design to experimental solutions the variety of choices for online training these days requires us to explore each of these in detail before we can bring a sustainable quality product to your doorstep.

B2B or B2C ?

As we progress in our research we also realise the need to separate B2C customers’ offering from our B2B customers. In most cases B2B customers of e-Learning solutions are after a bespoke service in line with their own rules and policies, something B2C customers are less dependent upon and could do with a still personalised but more standardised approach as long as the courses comply with the existing legislation.

It takes a lot of time and effort to navigate through the maze of available options and to keep up with the ever increasing speed of innovation. However admittedly these are very exciting times too. The possibilities are almost endless and will benefit from constant improvement in the years to come. Our usually more traditional railway and electrical industries are no exception to the rule – we have to adapt too.

Although this makes the subject of online training challenging it is also extremely interesting. Once we are ready with our course curriculum we believe we will be able to offer solutions designed to address your specific needs and not those of your next door neighbour or your competitor with little value gained in the process. By focusing on how our industries are evolving we will be able to guide you through the changes as they arise.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We truly believe in the fundamentals of Continuing Professional Development and we sincerely hope you do as well ! Soon we will be able to support your career or your business in ways that were not achievable in a recent past. By being at your side (paradoxically from a distance) and by offering a value for money training service we will help you keep up to speed with the industry’s requirements at a reasonable cost. In the process we will help enhance your career expectations and/or create more business opportunities in this highly competitive environment.

If you want to enquire about our future series of e-learning courses please feel free to contact us.