Northern Trains Rolling Stock & Electrical Audits

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3ECO Ltd has now completed a recent mission to deliver to Northern Trains the results of a Rolling Stock & Electrical Audit.

The visits and inspections took place at their Allerton and Newton Heath train depots at the end of 2021.

Over several days, our Rolling Stock and Electrical experts visited and carried out an in depth quality and safety analysis at the two locations based in Liverpool and Manchester.

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They took the time to query and understand how the various health & safety protocols with regards controlled access to rolling stock and other electrical equipment contribute to the overall safety rating of the premises. They also interacted with Northern Trains’ personnel to gauge their level of satisfaction towards their level of training and how they felt with regards the safe conditions of their working environment.

Following the two site inspections, 3ECO issued Northern Trains with particularly detailed audit reports including a list of suggestions and recommendations for further improvements, as and where it was deemed necessary or beneficial.

We are proud to have been involved with these auditing works for Northern Railway, a large and recognised rail operator, which allowed us to demonstrate the company’s strong potential thanks primarily to the vast experience, knowledge and professionalism of its personnel.

Although 3ECO’s staff members have a long history of carrying out audits relating to the quality and safety of electrical installations and rolling stock equipment, with experience in these domains spanning several decades, the Northern Trains audits constituted one of the first opportunities to do deliver these works as a RISQS verified supplier under the H.H.12 Safety Audit and H.K.9.1 Quality Audit modules.

If you would like to discuss how an in depth quality and safety audit could benefit your organisation too, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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