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HV Maintenance

3ECO-Morson issued a joint tender submission on the 13 August 2021 for the Development of High Voltage (HV) Traction and Non-Traction Training Maintenance Materials, Delivery of Training and Competence Assessment for Rail for London Infrastructure.

Rail for London Infrastructure is the Infrastructure Manager for the Elizabeth line central operating section (see also Crossrail Project).

On the 30th November 2021, we were advised that it was RFLI intention, following the completion of their evaluation of all tenders received, to award the Contract for the above procurement to 3ECO-Morson.

We will start engaging with the RFLI’s Training Team when we all return from the Christmas shutdown period. There are eleven training courses to develop to cover for various key topics from Preventative & Corrective Maintenance of the Traction Power Distribution Systems to undertaking Specific Testing of Non-Traction HV Systems.

In addition, for each of those courses 3ECO will deliver the classroom training to the relevant RFLI Maintenance personnel as well as their final Competence Assessments.

Once this is complete they will all get a very clear and hands-on understanding of the maintenance regime that will have to be adopted for the Traction and Non-Traction assets of the Elizabeth Line. This will allow for the line to continue to be safely and efficiently operated in the months and years to come.

3ECO personnel have been in charge of undertaking the maintenance of these HV Traction and Non-Traction assets for RFLI since the Crossrail Project transferred the operational responsibility to maintain and operate the railway under ROGS to RFLI on the 26th March 2021.

It is an honour to have been chosen by RFLI Procurement to develop and deliver this crucial and comprehensive maintenance training for their maintenance personnel and we hope to provide them with the same high quality training experience as we have in the past and continue to this date with the OLE & Distribution Isolation Training.

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Mihai Hincul · 12/12/2021 at 7:05 pm

Excellent idea

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