Successful 3ECO-RFLI Isolation Scenario Trial

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Ryan Kalebaila

Following a planned possession involving PICOPs ES’s and possession support staff, 3ECO were asked to support the activity last Thursday 1st April 2021 by isolating and earthing the OLE between VDP and Plumstead. This involved preparing the switching schedule, Form B, Form C and STED forms and then giving instruction to the ECO to switch off the power as per the schedule. In the meantime the possession staff were to mobilise to the relevant location to set up their work site and receive a Form C.

This was a scenario based exercise which demonstrated that RFLI have the capability to deliver a possession within an agreed timeframe. Our Nominated Person on shift made sure that all the documentation was in place and then briefed the possession staff as to what his and the isolation team’s role was. He then briefed the ES regarding the Form C and finally briefed the APs before commencing the process of shutting down the power.

The exercise was not without issues such as access problems and Network Rail having a possession of their own within RFLI boundary but the team managed to complete the task within the time limits that we set ourselves so it was a great success for the RFLI possession team and 3ECO who have only been on the project for less than two weeks.

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John kalebaila · 08/04/2021 at 8:01 pm

Well done son, knew you would be good at your job

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