Press Release: January 26, 2021

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TCOMET-3ECO provide POC communications system to Hitachi Rail STS.

Glasgow, Scotland – January 26, 2021

Following years of fruitful collaboration on the Crossrail project, both 3ECO Ltd. and TCOMET decided last year to enter into a partnership agreement to offer their site management, operational safety and world class construction telecommunications solutions expertise to the UK market.

Both entities have continuously demonstrated their ability to deliver the works in the most complex and challenging of environments and are now joining their strengths to better support their clients’ needs.

Recently, TCOMET-3ECO have been awarded the supply of a modern construction based POC communications system for Hitachi Rail STS who are delivering a number of system upgrades and new passenger trains on the Glasgow Subway Project on behalf of SPT.

Our radio communication system will work in isolation and without interfering with the existing Airwave SPT subway communications system. It will provide the construction and testing and commissioning teams working on some areas of the project with the level of independence and flexibility required to deliver their works in a more effective and safe manner.

The system will in particular, allow individual or group Push-To-Talk conversations, offer an intuitive emergency call feature and ensure the recording of all radio communications which, although non mandatory for a non-mainline railway, provides our client with a peace of mind solution that will facilitate the works of our Health & Safety colleagues with auditing and investigations.

The system will be up and running in a few weeks from now.


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