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You probably already heard the catchphrase that ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king!’. Entrepreneurs are usually very busy animals. In spite of this depressing lack of time, if you are running a business you should still take the time to print that crucial sentence on the best rag paper that you can buy, properly frame it and ensure you locate it well in sight in your office so you unconsciously read it every day and won’t forget how important this is…ever.

The same applies to web traffic and social media ‘likes’ and the like (pun intended) so if you want to reach your audience using a platform such as LinkedIn you need to think about what you really want to achieve and what the end game for you or your company actually is.

Followers, likes and shares

The reality is that web and social media traffic are usually very satisfactory for the ego but may provide the wrong (and dangerous) impression that ones business is doing well and is running its healthy course towards stardom. Beware! Traffic does not automatically mean conversions. And being satisfied by traffic alone, the kind that does not convert into loyal customers is, well…vanity. One should be wary of using this as a measure of actual success.

Having said that, if properly analysed, such traffic could still provide the educated entrepreneur with some very useful insights. First of all there are vast interpretations for what conversion may mean to different people. Basically not all conversions would mean actual paying customers. It depends on your business model. Second of all, unless you have been operating successfully for some time and your existing clients don’t need a website or a Facebook business page to send work your way, non existent web and social media traffic is definite proof that nobody knows who you are and what your business is about or is offering. And given the level of competition out there, this is a serious problem.

Not bad for a micro start-up

“It is clear that friends and ex-colleagues make for a large chunk of the following”

In this context, we are glad to report that a growing number of followers are continuing to subscribe to our LinkedIn company page on a fairly regular basis. Last week we reached the symbolic figure of 300 individuals. If you are reading these lines you probably are one of them.

It was only 6 months ago that we reported and celebrated our one hundredth follower, which for a small and young company like ours was already overwhelming enough. So needless to say that we are the first to be surprised and humbled by these latest figures.

Of course very few if any of you are actual business prospects but it was never our intention for this to be the case anyway. In our industry and in the vast majority of cases we either win competitive tenders or we just can’t work so being on some important buyer’s radar is certainly good for vanity but it won’t always and automatically translate into cash at the end of the financial year!

Passion led us here

“…we spend a lot of time providing the best possible experience for our clients so that they don’t even contemplate regretting their choice”

The reality is that 3ECO, albeit still a young business venture, consists of people that have acquired a significant and proven track record over the last decades when it comes to delivering large and complex electrical and railway projects and who have achieved some measure of success in the process.

It is clear that friends and ex-colleagues make for a large chunk of the following. We don’t have to convince them, they know of us, some worked with us too, have seen what we are capable of doing as individuals and as a team and they know 3ECO has at its heart the ability and the ambition to achieve great things. And we thank them for their faith in us and their loyalty.

But although we are proud to have many friends and ex-colleagues we still don’t have 300 of them 🙂

Our short to medium term ambition at 3ECO is to increase not so much our popularity but our credibility. Among other things we are spending a lot of energy preparing high quality tenders and when we win one, and that happened already, we spend a lot of time providing the best possible experience for our clients so that they don’t even contemplate regretting their choice. And that matters to us.

So who are you people ? And what motivates you to subscribe to a small company page like ours ? We won’t pretend we will fully answer these questions but today we have decided to share with you what the analytical analysis is telling us as we thought you may be interested to know a bit more about who your co-followers are.

First of all, where are you based ?

The chart below is only showing an extract for the 300 followers due to GPDR limitations. However, behind the scene and safely out of our sight the LinkedIn algorithm does the calculation for the totality and gives us a realistic picture. The chart is self-explanatory and the results are almost totally expected with the impressive majority of you being based in the UK of course. Given the demographics at 3ECO it is not at all a surprise except to find out that some of you are actually based in India. That was unexpected and is good news. Maybe one day 3ECO will be able to export its products and services there too, who knows !

Latest chart showing 3ECO followers by location in %

What is your industry ?

Again no surprise there either. The vast majority is working for industries in which we operate and that is reassuring. That may sound trivial but one would be surprised to find out a lot of businesses that don’t take the time to understand their audience may have high traffic from people that have no relationship with their industry which will de-facto limit their opportunities. A good illustration of vanity at work again.

Latest chart showing 3ECO followers by industry sector in %

What is your job function ?

The Job function’s chart usually provides even more interesting insights. No surprise again here with this data. 3ECO labels itself as an Operational Specialist company so we are pleased to note that 25% of our following actually evolve within the operational world. That is a good sign our page content is a relatively adequate match to the audience we wish to reach.

Similarly engineering, programme and project management is at the heart of 3ECO offering so it is reassuring to find out that the audience is fairly representative of what we do oursleves.

Latest chart showing 3ECO followers by top job functions in %

Note that almost 17% represent individuals that are likely to be interested in selling their own products or services to 3ECO and as a result, do not constitute business opportunities for us. These are individuals and companies that do not participate in increasing and spreading 3ECO’s reputation. At least not directly. However if we ever need such services in future this may come handy.

Staying at the top!

For Entrepreneurs, it is generally much harder to stay at the top than to get there. Same as for some football players to use an analogy that speaks to a wider audience. So we are well aware that, a bit like what happens on the stock exchange, things can go up as well as down and that being able to provide interesting enough content to our audience on a regular basis is definitely a challenge. Not even mentioning growing our audience further !

In the meantime, for us to reach 300 followers is obviously a rather good excuse for celebration. In particular following the lockdown I guess everything will do 🙂 Joking aside there are actually very few opportunities to celebrate when you run a small business. Nobody is banging on your door begging for you to sell them your products or services. Not every business out there is Microsoft or Apple on the day of an exclusive product launch and if this is what you are hoping to achieve you may get disappointed…fast.

In the current climate being able to hopefully return to some sense of normalcy in a not too distant future when pubs and restaurants reopen their doors to clients like us, is reason enough to make a solid Work Plan and Risk Assessment to go out between friends to drink to this no small feat achievement.

Photo by Marvin Meyer 

Whilst we drink you may want to think about and tell us what you would want to read on our company page. After all this is designed to be helpful to you as much as it is to us. We are pretty sure we cannot read your minds and even the most insightful of data analytics cannot do that (not just yet…).

So if you have anything you want to say or suggest, we are all ears…just give us the chance for the alcohol vapours to dissipate and if it still makes sense to us afterwards we will oblige in no time.


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