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Many thanks to those who took the time to answer a short anonymous 10 questions survey about the Coronavirus crisis and how it affects your professional and personal lives as well as your perception of the world around you today and in the future.

The survey will remain open for a further 7 days until the 30th April 2020. If you want to participate it takes less than 2 minutes of your time to complete (that is if you can read English :-)). You just need to click here and less than 2 mins later we will be out of your way.

Today we are posting early but significant enough results following your participation that we believe paints an interesting picture. We hope you will find it interesting too but don’t hesitate to leave a comment either way.

Q1 – Following the worldwide lockdown please indicate what your working situation is ?

The vast majority of the participants have said they are working from home. Still 20% of those who responded continue to travel to their place of work which is higher than what we had expected at this stage.

Maybe more surprisingly is the fact that only a small proportion of the surveyees has been furloughed, at least at the time of responding to the survey. It is difficult to speculate if results may have shown a different proportion had the survey been issued much later into the lockdown.

Q2 – Where are you located ?

Not surprisingly the was majority of the people who participated are located in the United Kingdom.

Q3 – Do you believe the current sanitary situation will:-

If anything can be taken out of the this survey is that, at the time of publishing in mid April 2020, people seem reasonably optimistic.

Whether their ‘world’ will not change, which could be interpreted both ways in fairness, or will change for the better, at least 82% of them do not believe it will change for the worst.

Q4 – Are you changing your perception of the world and what is really important vs what is futile following the crisis?

This results show that 92% of the surveyee consider that their perception of the world is changing due to the pandemic. If anything it is highly impactful but we knew that already given that millions of people on the planet are affected at the moment.

Only 7.50% seem unaffected which is extremely low.

Q5 – How is your life since the lockdown ?

That result is probably the strangest one of all with a staggering 77% considering the lockdown measures had a neutral to light or no impact to their lives.

Again, if the lockdown was to continue for too long the results here could be very different.

Q6 – Should the majority of the population return to work to save the Economy even if it means more people dying from the pandemic ?

There are many possible interpretations to this result. For instance, either the ‘Economy’ is not perceived as absolutely essential or the respect to life is more important to most.

Maybe it is far too early for this result to be meaningful as very few people imagine the real life and death consequences that a violent crash to the economy could have on their existences. As long as the states provides for its people to compensate it is likely that this perception will remain as it is now. However this is not a sustainable option and with no money being collected via taxes the system would eventually collapse as one cannot borrow indefinitely !

How would the results evolve if the states where suddenly unable to pay people’s pensions as a taste for what may be coming for the rest of the ‘active’ workforce for instance ?

Q7 – Do you believe that the pandemic and climate change have become inseparable issues?

45% of the surveyee believe the two issues are intrinsically connected. It may well be. Beware though of all the gurus invading the medias scene at the moment predicting that the end of fossil fuel is round the corner.

That may be wishful thinking and highly counter productive. In particular in light of the results to Q8 just below…You probably heard of the expression ‘having your cake and eat it’.

Q8 – Shall we revitalise our industry and produce locally?

If anything this result is close to our heart at 3ECO. We much prefer the idea of manufacturing, working and spending to be achieved locally where it is possible to do so.

More than ever, ‘subcontracting’ the manufacture of masks or ventilators has shown how vulnerable the so-called rich western countries appear to be in a pandemic situation of worldwide proportion.

Definitely more strategic thinking is required here in the long run and it aligns well with people’s aspirations to lower the carbon footprint of the products they buy being currently manufactured on the other end if the planet.

The key question here is ‘would we really be honestly happier if we had to pay a significant premium for our products to come from the farm or the factory next door’ ?

Q9 – Shall we change our holiday habits moving forward?

Apparently the majority of people are not prepared to make drastic changes to their holiday habits. I guess it means we are still willing to catch a flight to travel long distances to nice or exciting destinations the other side of the word. Okay let’s be honest people, who would not prefer to be in ‘lockdown’ in Bora-Bora instead ?

PS: if you read this, are in bora-bora at the moment and your life is a bloody nightmare please leave us a comment to explain the situation !!! We are really interested in hearing from you.

Joking aside only 37.50% seem conscious (or fear) that yesterday’s holiday may not resemble tomorrow’s…Ouch !

There is a risk that people with enough cash flow at the end of this crisis start binging on unreasonable high carbon footprint holidays as a coping mechanism. The problem is how many people will have sufficient cash left in the bank when that Holy Grail date finally arrives…

Q10 – Are you confident about the future?

A large majority of people here remains optimistic about the future. However it does not say if this feeling is based on hard facts or false hopes ! But whatever their reasons, remaining positive is crucial and is part of the healing, so keep up the moral people.

In any case it can only help us getting out of the crisis potentially mentally stronger and possibly refocused on the essential in our lives (before the day-to-day madness of our previous lives starts all over again ?).

Thank you for your time !

We would like to thank again all of those who managed to find the time in their busy schedule to reply to this 2 mins mini survey.

We hope it will give you some indication of the mood out there and although it is not large enough to be highly representative we believe it remains interesting. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to do so in the comments section below !

Thanks in advance for sharing the early results of this mini survey with your network directly by clicking on one of the social widgets below.


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