4 Big Positives of the Lockdown (and beyond) – part 1/2

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Are boring meetings something of the past ?

1 big positive of the lockdown forcing us to work from home is the time we are suddenly shaving off our journey time to and from the office every single day.

But is that all ?

If not having to travel is an obvious consequence, not having to attend endless and mostly useless meetings is another far more interesting big positive of the lockdown in my opinion.

empty meeting room in the office
This is how we like to work from now on indeed !
unsplash-logoJoe Taylor

Let’s be honest we have all been there. It has plagued many industries and many businesses that continue to cross reference the number of meetings they arrange every week with how effective they believe they are. The more the merrier I guess but as far as my experience suggests these are defective analytics!

Defective because the situation we are currently living has demonstrated within days that the absolute requirement to attend a meeting you know in advance is a waste of your precious time is actually not that essential.

conf call during the lockdown
The new normal, just missing the cookies
unsplash-logoNathan Dumlao

As far as we and other colleagues and friends are concerned they almost completely disappeared from the equation. Not that we don’t have to suffer from time to time anymore. We still do on occasion but such meetings have become so scarce it feels like a holiday!

work during the lockdown
Spoiler Alert: this is not about my wife at work…
unsplash-logoDamir Spanic

When they do happen those still confronted with the prospect manage to stealthily spend their time browsing the web whilst giving the impression they are giving it their full attention…Nothing new under the sun here. Just another form of playing with your phone during a meeting albeit far more discreetly this time. If the worst comes to the worst even the less tech savvy have managed to master the ‘turn-off the microphone’ and ‘my webcam is not working properly, I have a really slow internet connection’ strategies.

If anything the current situation has forced everyone to focus on the essential and to cut through the noise. For those lucky enough to be in our line of business remote meetings that are worth our time do happen with the technology employed saving the day every day.

Let’s be positive !

This crisis begs for us to talk more about the positives to help heal the wounds and forget at least for one minute about the dramatic worldwide figures of the sick and the dead making their ways to our senses 24/7. I am the first to admit, in comparison this reduction in the number of nonsensical meetings is utterly irrelevant but still, taken for what it is, it is still a big positive. Every well connected thinker, politician, writer, economist, journalist and the like are repeatedly telling us that the world of tomorrow will not resemble the world of yesterday. That the crisis has affected our lives forever and that it will never be the same. I am not sure how we should be totally reassured by that prediction but at least let’s hope we don’t get tempted to rehabilitate our very bad meeting habits once things return to some sense of normalcy.

Quality family time

As an immediate effect of the lockdown we’ve seen a sudden emancipation of some free time we did not even know existed! Of course being confined at home has created massive personal and financial issues for many but for the super organised souls among the extremely lucky ones that are allowed to work remotely and get paid, it has been a blessing in disguise…at least for now outweighing the quasi absence of freedom of movement.

Board games with kids
Long overdue quality time with my kids
unsplash-logoMichał Parzuchowski

Digital Journey

Personally, in addition to spending more quality time playing with my kids in an attempt to keep them from binging on Netflix, I have been spending a great deal of said time working on our website, something I barely had any opportunity to do before coronavirus landed on our doorsteps. For a small business that is another big positive of the lockdown !

And, cherry on the cake, I even found some time to learn a few digital terms and put an ersatz of online marketing strategy together. Yes, I know, this should have been done a long time ago…

Google Console
Google Console – a very useful and free tool by Google – more in the next post

In the second part of this post later this week I will tell you all you need to know if you run a small business and are just starting or struggling with your digital journey.

So watch this space !


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