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Extract from OLE & Distribution RFL course

At the end of last year we announced that following successful bidding 3ECO had been awarded a new contract direct with Rail for London (Infrastructure) Limited to deliver new training services relating to the OLE & Distribution Isolation Training Development and its implementation.

Responsibilities for these training services include the complete design and delivery of both classroom training and practical assessments. The training is specifically tailored for the attention of the maintenance personnel of the future Elizabeth Line.  Our works will be complete in readiness for Trial Operations that are currently planned for September 2020, worldwide coronavirus pandemic permitting that is.

Crossrail experience

During the many years 3ECO personnel delivered critical services to the ATC-Joint Venture they gained an intimate knowledge of the Crossrail network and its assets. We are now fully committed to pass on our full expertise to RFLI staff so that they can reach the same level of knowledge and competence we have acquired ourselves.

Once we complete their training and assessment during the course of 2020 RFLI will be adequately suited to progressively take over the safe operation of the network. We are very mindful of the fact that such a transmission of critical knowledge whilst it is still very fresh in our minds is both a fantastic opportunity and a great responsibility.

A quick Update

The preparation phase of the works started at the end of 2019 following contract award and are currently progressing well with the production of all the Lessons/Training Plans. Thanks to a very good and fruitful collaboration with our RFLI colleagues 3ECO has now been able to deliver the first of five complete classroom training courses.

Testing & Earthing classroom course (extract)

3ECO submitted this course recently and it is currently under review by RFLI, albeit remotely due to the COVID-19 shutdown enforced in most of the world at the moment.

COVID-19 Disruption

As far as we are concerned we are very lucky as a business that we can continue to operate nevertheless. Of course we had to make some adjustments to be able to work from home as efficiently as reasonably practical given the constraints such a confinement is imposing on our ordinary lives. Some of us had to ajust to the 24/7 presence of partners and/or (very bored) kids sharing the very same square foot during ‘normal office working hours’.

Notwithstanding the fact that some of us also became part-time teachers and had to learn to use and navigate through new online digital platforms overnight in an attempt to maintain some sense of schooling and homework environment to ensure our kids’ hard work to date does not go to waste if this crisis is here to stay. We all hope it won’t.

We are conscious of the fact that many other small businesses simply cannot make these adjustments to continue to be productive during the shutdown and are suffering dearly as a result. We are grateful we can and we very much look forward to continue engaging with our Rail for London colleagues on this challenging path in the coming weeks and months.


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