High Speed 2 – Temporary services to site compounds

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We are excited to announce that 3ECO has been successfully short-listed for participating in the remaining stages of the buying process for providing Temporary Site Services (Electrical, mechanical and PH) to site compounds for the Eiffage Kier – Joint Venture. The works relate to HS2 Main Civils Works, Lots C2 & C3 located in between Wendover in the South and Leamington Spa in the north.

Although it is absolutely no guarantee that 3ECO will eventually be awarded these temporary site services works by the Eiffage Kier – JV we are confident we can put together a credible and hopefully competitive enough proposal. Our confidence comes in particular from having gained a solid experience delivering and managing a similar scope of works in a recent past with zero safety incident.

If anything, 3ECO’s short-listing is evidence enough that people are willing to hear what we have to offer.

3ECO itself is a fairly recent company. So it is no secret that we are relying on decades of experience brought to the business by its co-founders. They are recognised by key players in the industry for their hard work, efficiency and professionalism. Still we are fully embracing the challenge of being given the opportunity to compete against large and well established organisations. These big players surely have many strengths and broader shoulders. However they are generally fairly predictable in their approach and they also have large overheads.

On the other hand we can allow ourselves to think largely out of the box. We have absolutely nothing to loose. In particular we are prepared to learn something in the process no matter the outcome anyway. Fairly reminiscent of a match between “David and Goliath” and that works for us :-).

The estimated tender closing date is the 24th April 2020 with contract award being scheduled for the 29th May 2020. So good luck to everyone involved in the remaining stages of the bidding process and may the best win !


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