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2018 to 2019 – Setting Up and Baby Steps

As 2020 is round the corner we thought now would be a good time to reflect on this year’s work for our 3ECO business and to give you an update. So what really happened to us this past year? Well quite a significant number of positive things really, thinking about it. In comparison 2018 was a bit of a slow coach operation. It took some time to take the leap of faith necessary to engage in any serious entrepreneurial venture, to settle on the right business partners, to name and establish the company, to agree on its corporate structure, to find a supportive bank, to narrow the services and products offering down – although it will continue to be a moving target as new customers emerge – and to start focusing on what we should definitely do as opposed to things that would be really ‘nice to have’ but should wait a little bit longer.

Positive signs on the horizon

So whilst 2018 was pretty much an explorative year, 2019 ended up being much more focus driven for the simple reason that a company bottom line is a rather crucial aspect of a start-up survival. Following this obvious realisation thankfully for us most of the stars aligned towards the middle of 2019. The demands from the market for our offering suddenly materialised, conversations with prospective customers that had started in 2018 came to fruition eventually and we ended up getting some concrete reassurances that we were on the right track to taking the business off and beyond.

The opportunity presented itself when people started to take notice that 3ECO, although a recently registered company, was actually the brainchild of its co-founders whose personal reputations and achievements in the electrical and railway business world did not need further testament. All this helped build the confidence necessary to turn an exciting offering into a much more credible and practical one.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Birmingham tram
birmingham tram
Birmingham Tram System testing

Eventually July 2019 came and Egis Rail (UK) with Midland Metro Alliance (MMA) were the first to take a leap of faith in 3ECO’s ability to support them in delivering a significant Testing & Commissioning milestone for them on the Birmingham Tramway extension project. And they were right to believe in our ability to lead this to a successful conclusion as the line opened to its first passengers ahead of schedule very recently. It is fair to say we owe this first contract to the reputation for excellence acquired by 3ECO co-founders on past projects and more particularly on the Nottingham Tramway NET2 project with the Taylor Woodrow-Alstom Joint Venture. ‘Word of mouth’ and recommendations from industry leaders played a significant part in 3ECO securing this first opportunity and we are extremely proud, and relieved too, that we did not disappoint and came up to our client’s expectations and even beyond.

Coming full circle…

Then as we were entering the back end of 2019 3ECO secured an important design and delivery training contract with Rail for London Infrastructure (RFLI) following successful tendering. All going well when we are done with our work RFLI OLE Isolation staff will be able to safely and effectively operate the main electrical distribution assets on the new Crossrail – Elizabeth Line that is due to open to passengers in a year or so. This is something we are particularly thrilled and proud about having been involved at the heart of the Crossrail project as early as 2010. Returning to the project in support to the future Infrastructure Maintainer really feels like coming full circle. Still we are very conscious of the great responsibility we have been entrusted with and we are totally committed to achieving the best possible outcome for RFLI in designing and delivering this training for their maintenance operators. We have recently started working on the training programme and its bespoke contents and this scope of works will certainly keep us very busy at least until the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Cherry on the cake !

Elizabeth Line

Finally, as we were about to close shop for the Christmas holiday we received news that 3ECO had been awarded a second contract with RFLI for delivering competency assessments to their HV and Non-Traction HV personnel, once again for the Crossrail – Elizabeth Line. We are truly humbled that following successful bidding RFLI decided to work with us once again this year and we look forward to start working on these assessments in a few weeks’ time as soon as we return to work in the new year.

Motivation and stakes are high for next year

So on the whole one may say that 2019 was the springboard for 3ECO offering to take off thanks to a combination of both hard work and a bit of good fortune. Next year 3ECO will continue to explore promising avenues and develop its business by expanding its training offer and specialist services even further in order to keep the momentum going. In the myriad of options available to UK electrical and railway businesses 3ECO intend to disturb the status quo and gain significant traction (no pun intended) as an alternative supplier to be relied upon in the months and years to come.

No doubt 2020 will see 3ECO setting itself ambitious and farsighted goals for growth that for the most part will be highly dependent upon achieving our primary objectives e.g. in reaching a high level of collaboration, honesty, trust, transparency and excellence in how we are conducting our business as well as with our clients. 

In the meantime we hope that 2020 will definitely fulfil its promises for you personally as well as in your professional lives. We take this opportunity to really thank you a lot for your early support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more predominantly on LinkedIn since the birth of the company and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


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