High Voltage training trials conducted by 3ECO

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3eco training gear
High Voltage Training Trials, what is it for ?

High Voltage training trials have been successfully conducted by 3ECO in the classroom several weeks ago. These trials demonstrated a promising and revolutionary training option for individuals and groups to be trained in an effective and extremely safe manner, still gaining all the necessary skills to be able to approach ‘real-life’ size High Voltage installations safely, professionally and efficiently and with much reduced apprehension.

3ECO bespoke Training Gear to support our revolutionary training approach

3ECO’s prototype gear under development to support this new training approach and currently comprising of two units have been named respectively the Denton-001′ and the ‘Sancho-002’. They are the first of a long series of bespoke prototypes that will be developed by 3ECO in order to make its training offer available to as many people as possible all over the country, without the need for these prospective candidates to travel long distances and pay for accommodation and travel expenses which is often the only viable option for them today. Our miniature sub-stations will come to them instead.

3ECO core Training Courses

To support the use of its equipment, 3ECO will be developing more of its Standard Courses material. Once completed the courses will be part of 3ECO’s core training database that could be taught without any further tuning or that could be adapted to the need of each client and turned into a truly bespoke offering.

3ECO gear

Applicable to a number of different industries, this training approach will give future clients a very simple choice. By bringing the training to the workforce instead of the other way around, it will reduce the overall training cost and provide prospective candidates with new and more affordable opportunities in the comfort of their own working environment. Available as part of 3ECO workshops’ offer the practical aspect will be, well…truly practical and safe !

More work is to be taking place on this exciting subject in the weeks and months to come and we will post an update on this blog as soon we are able to share more news. So stay tuned !


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