Who needs to sponsor present day Arsenal or Manchester United, to name a few, when you can sponsor…the future !

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That is it, the football kit has finally arrived with 3ECO Ltd colours and it looks really great. 3ECO is the proud sponsor for the under 7’s young players at Witney Vikings Youth FC for the year 2019.

Thanks to our Jim Whittington 3ECO was recently given this great opportunity to contribute as a sponsor which helps the club in providing the gear for all the kids in that age category and, more importantly, to put a big smile on the kids’ face which is even more satisfying.

We cannot wait to see them in action and for Jim to take pictures !

Football analogy

3eco football sponsor
3eco football sponsor

Now you may be asking what 3ECO, a company which primary objective is to support clients in the railway and electrical services industries, has to do with young people and football ? Well, football is a team playing game and nurturing team play is very much in line with 3ECO core values. Leadership does not work if it promotes individualism at the expense of the rest of the contributing group. Good leadership guides every ‘player’ toward the same goal as clearly defined by a company Mission and Vision Statements. Very much like football, individualism does not get you very far.

Learning, learning and learning…always

And what about young people then ? Well, 3ECO core business is to do with High Voltage (HV) and Rail Operations training. And we believe training is a very important aspect of people’s lives.

primary school kids

It starts with primary schools to universities and throughout people’s entire careers. Lucid and active professionals in our field know this too well. Consequently wise people never stop learning and improving through training. Young people today, more than those born in the 20th century, will likely have to reinvent themselves a number of times throughout their career. Why ? Simply to remain relevant in a world that will increasingly require higher technical or specialist skills.

Not even mentioning the conquest of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that will revolutionise our traditional industries beyond our wildest imagination. Such technology, although not yet widespread, is already all around us. It will no doubt create astonishing possibilities, but also bring enormous challenges to the young generation ! Although one can deny it, this is no science-fiction anymore.

One way to confront the future with serenity is to take continuous learning very seriously and that is exactly what we are promoting at 3ECO.

Football and young people suddenly make a lot more sense now, don’t they ?

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
Winston Churchill

If you would like to know what Witney Vikings Youth FC has to offer to your kid please visit www.witneyvikings.co.uk


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