1-on-1 Exclusive Mentoring Programme

January 2020 Update: 3ECO 1-on-1 exclusive mentoring programme is currently temporarily suspended whilst our trainers and assessors are fully employed in preparing bespoke training courses for our newly contracted clients and developing our furture e-Learning training offering. As soon as workload permits we will resume the 1-on-1 exclusive mentoring programme as is detailed hereafter:-

3ECO has developed an Electrical mentoring programme to support sufficiently experienced and highly motivated individuals to reach their maximum potential with a tailored 1-on-1 support offered by one of our senior trainers. Your mentor is a fully qualified trainer who has been involved on major UK electrical projects having been on site and on the tools for many years and having performed both technical and managerial roles throughout his career, including critical safety roles such that of Authorising Engineer and Principal Duty holder.

The 3ECO mentoring offer is a highly technically intensive programme lasting for several months that is designed to provide exponential growth to your career as an Electrical Safety Operator or Manager, allowing you to obtain roles and responsibilities in your industry otherwise much more difficult to reach. Your mentor would support you every step of the way and answer all your questions. He will also make sure you maintain your motivation high, keep up with your exercises and go through your regular tests in order to deliver the best possible outcome through your own hard work.

The mentoring programme is designed to become your personal investment, in time and money, and as such is granted on a case-by-case basis only to those candidates who present both sufficient experience and/or education and the highest level of motivation to go through several months of training to develop their career to the next level. To guarantee the highest quality of the programme 3ECO ensures the number of successful candidates to be selected shall never exceed 10 candidates at any one time. This allows your mentor to focus and commit exclusively to deliver the best possible outcome for you for the duration of your training.

The selection process requires the candidate to submit his/her motivations in writing in a letter for our review that shall be attached to his/her detailed CV. This will allow us to pre-establish if the candidate matches our criteria for this exclusive programme. Would the candidate be pre-selected a follow up face-to-face or Skype interview would be conducted with your mentor to finally conclude if the programme is right for you. Applications usually take a week to be reviewed in detail after the interview and a formal response is then sent by email.

If you are interested in our exclusive mentoring programme and would like to obtain more information about the scheme please feel free to leave a comment below to get in touch. Following review, if this is something you believe you will benefit from we will consider your application and put you on our waiting list in readiness for when we resume the programme.


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