Why collaborate with us ?

We endeavour to understand our clients needs and help them choose the best option to acheive their business goals

Matching your Needs

As a service provider we would not do a good job if we were not making the effort to get to know your needs. Our view is that we are in the same boat and we cannot be successful if you aren't as a client.

Beyond Expectations

We are where we are today because we do care. We care for our clients, we care for their success, we care for their reputation. Delivering to a client expectation is one thing. Delivering above and beyond is another. And that is what we do, consistently.


3ECO can provide as much or as little support as you require. From providing had-hoc specialist resources to designing and delivering training and competence assessments or undertaking project management duties, no job is too small nor too big for us.

3ECO is a specialist consultancy firm that operates in the railway and electrical industries.

We specialise in:-

  1. designing and delivering ‘off-the-shelf’ as well as bespoke training solutions
  2. designing and implementing Electrical, Mechanical and Railway Safety Rules
  3. implementing Operations Safety protocols
  4. preparing, organising and undertaking maintenance activities
  5. managing Rail Systems related Testing & Commissioning
  6. supporting Engineers’ Trains and Test Trains rail traffic activities.

We have a very significant combined experience when it comes to delivering large projects where safety considerations and programme constraints drive everything else. Our most significant past and current projects illustrating how we can assist you can be found here.

We learned to  become very flexible and to adapt quickly hence we are able to address our clients requirements precisely and in a timely manner. Focused on problem-solving we understand what success really means to you. It is part of our core values and we endeavour to demonstrate it consistently, every day.

What’s more ? We have actually been doing it for decades ! if it worked for others there is no reason it wouldn’t work for you too. So give us a try.

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Industry and company latest news, technical discussions and sharing people's opinions

Railway Conversations with Doc Frank

Doc Frank invited one of our 3ECO Ltd Directors, Frederic Sancho, to attend his railway industry oriented podcast recently. An informative talk that touched on the subjects of #testing and #commissioning as well as railway #entrepreneurship. You can access the episode via the Read more…

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What our clients say

Capitalising over 40 years of industry and project experience, our team has been working on major electrical and/or railway projects over the years to the satisfaction of many clients
Peter Cassidy

Peter Cassidy

Permit Office Manager

"Its not often you get the chance to say what a pleasure it was working with Frederic on the ELR and CTRL as my T&C Manager. He is a true professional in every sense of the word, his attention to detail is exemplary. In all the time that I have known Frederic, I can say he never gets flustered and immediately see through problems and difficulties, a rare gift."

Erik Twigt

Erik Twigt

Operations Director - South at Trackwork Limited

"Frederic headed up the DLR6 Commissioning Team during the most challenging phases of the project. He put in place the assurance framework for the final stages of the project and was instrumental in collating the evidence to allow the extension to be opened. Frederic is a true professional and has a great work ethic. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any challenging railway commissioning project or programme."

Mike Casebourne

Mike Casebourne

Mike Casebourne BSc,CEng,FICE,FASCE Contractors Project Director

"Frederic joined the Balfour Beatty Carillion Joint Venture in June 2007 and for three years was the Testing & Commissioning Manager for the East London Line project; a £700m, 12km, new railway including major civils structures, a 22 berth depot, track and all the rail systems in one single contract. He was in charge of managing and coordinating a team of engineers to look after the handover process from completion of installation into testing of all track and railway systems, their certification and commissioning into use, including in particular the commissioning of the Traction power supply, the protection of people and equipment from the time it was made live, organizing the test running of trains and the protection of people during train running. Despite the challenges in setting to work the various interfaces between systems and sub-systems in a safe, progressive and reliable manner and the organisation of the running of test trains within a complex still incomplete infrastructure at the time, Frederic managed to get his team to comply with their obligations and proved to be a key manager in the successful delivery of the project in 2010."

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